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How I lead to become a call girl or eye candy at Punjabi Bagh Escorts

Reaching at Punjabi Bagh Escorts ahs a story of mine, a call girl, whose name is hidden for
safety reasons? Do you really think that women really choose this profession, unless
they are really addicted to sex or escorting for a shallow lifestyle, no right?I was raised in
a Independent Escorts in Punjabi Bagh very dysfunctional family, where my father was very
abusive, & with no family support, somehow I finished my college, and another degree.
Over time, I realized that being at this house will only impede my emotional health &
even lead me to not making a stable or safe life for myself. I reached Punjabi Bagh for
financial stability as well as to gain some solace from the wretched elements of society

who were also into me for no reason. Here I did some modeling stints, also some sort of
people dancing, & resultantly to earn better prospects of career, I has to sleep with
many men, & this lead me to believe that giving sex is the norm in this world of
Punjabi Bagh.
Over time, a sex worker whom I met at a photo shoot, having large boastful connections
of clients gave me the idea of joining Sexy Call Girls in Punjabi Bagh for better add in
source of income while I was trying to make a name in the modeling industry. This lead
one after the other, and now I am the most sought after call girl, with men across India
itself seeking me all time, addicted to my vibes that just spellbinds their senses in a
sensually satiating manner. Now I have the grandest freedom in the world, at Escorts
Service Punjabi Bagh with fast money coming in all day basis as well as the opportunity to
meet sexy, young & handsome blokes with whom my many types of rendezvous just
makes me as well as them enjoy the sprightly vibes of life, in the best salacious

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